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What is Robotics?

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Robotics is classified as the branch of innovation and technology that deals with the design, creation, operation, and utilization of robots. The primary goal in robotics is to develop different ways to make day to day life for people easier and more efficient. From cooking and cleaning to producing the phones we use today, robots have changed the way we live our lives and spend our time. There are three main fields of study involved in robotics:

Mechanical Engineering Integrates engineering physics and mathematics to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.
Computer Science The study of computers and computational systems. Deals mostly with software and software systems, including theory, design, developement, and application.
Electrical Engineering Focus on equipment, devices, and systems that use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.



Current Teams


After what transpired last year, this team would like to repeat their success by qualifying to Worlds consecutively. After losing our senior engineer, they hope to maintain their eminent design process.


After back to back deep-runs in the state championship, this veteran team consisting of two boys and two girls try to make the push as they attempt to qualify for VEX Worlds for the very first time.


Moving up from VEX IQ, this team consists of two boys and three girls, making this one of Lion Tech's girl dominated teams. The other two veteran teams continue to mentor as they make their transition into VEX EDR.

In the beginning...

No experience, new faces, and little to no money, this club began as low as it possibly could. But it was there. It was there because even though we may not have known what we were doing, or even who each other were, we had a common asset: passion. As our club began to develop we learned that passion is what sets you apart from good teams and great teams. With enough passion, we began to make connections with one another. Sharing memories and aspirations which would bring our club to the next level.

Built For Success

After Establishing ourselves quite well into the Vex Robotics Program, we decided to make a push into the deep hierarchy of competitions. Our first year out, all three of our teams made it to the finals of our regional competition. The following year, although losing our coach to unforeseen circumstances, we managed to triumph anyways. Qualifying all three teams to the Florida State Championship. Some were close to a Worlds qualifying berth, and the third year around was that year to put all our chips on the table. So we did. With the developed chemistry between teams we managed to successfully capture a State Championship and compete at the Vex World Championship!

Looking Towards the Future

We had success, we had the teamwork, but our work is not done yet. We want to share our aspirations in making STEM something everyone can be a part of. Over the years, we’ve managed to increase our girl participation about 60%. Our fight for inclusiveness in robotics is just beginning. Raising awareness for the Girl Powered Foundation, Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers, and International Robotics Honor Society. In this virtue of passing the torch, we hope for the “new kids on the block” to gain that same passion we first developed all those years ago. For no matter your ethnicity, culture, or gender, we can all share that one desire, that one impulse, that one dream, that one: PASSION...

Mission Statement

LionTech Robotics aims toward providing its members with the opportunities to engage in challenging, fun, and meaningful experiences through STEM programs such as VEX robotics, the REC Foundation, and others to inspire the next generation of kids, regardless of their ethnicities or circumstances.