We would like to recognize...

Trishia Castillo Administrator

As a mother to one of our veteran members, Mrs. Castillo has shown us nothing but her support and desire for our success. She was partly responsible for the creation of the robotics club to begin with, and is now working closely with us in founding a school chapter for the IRHS Organization.

Maria Mitrani Administrator

Mrs. Mitrani has stuck by our side and attended numerous of our events such as our first experience attending VEX Worlds Championship, or helping us set up our in-house competition. She is also a big supporter of the PLTW and Girl Powered initiative.

Jose Becerra Sponsor

After back to back years of our sponsors unfortunately departing our club, over the past four years Mr. Becerra has given us the consistent dedication, patience, and leadership that helped propel us to becoming what we are today. Since he has taken over as our sponsor, our club has gone from eight members to over thirty! The girl participation has also dramatically increased by over 300%.

Julián de Zulueta Mentor

At the time of the creation of our club, with little to no resources at our disposal, Mr. Zulueta (aka "Zulu") has been a great contributor to much of the success thus far, whether it be from his experience in VEX competitions, his thorough knowledge on what it takes to have an effective design process, or his analytical programming skills.

Alejandro Perez Mentor/Alumni

After all his triumph as a part of Lion Tech for four years, he now works with the up and coming members, working as a mentor for the builders and CAD (Computer Aided Design) Designers. He is also aiding us in club managing such as helping us find sponsors, places for fundraising, and alliances from neighboring robotic teams.